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Cast Gate Valve


Technical Information
  • Design & manufacture: API600/BS1414/API603/ASME B 16.34
  • Inspection & Test :API 598
  • Face-to-Face: ASME B 16.10/BS2080/DIN
  • End Connection: Flanged to ASME B16.5/API605/BS3293/DIN
  • Size & Pressure :1/2"~12", ANSI CLASS 150 to CLASS 600
  • Materials of main parts: Carbon steel (WCB, LCB); Stainless steel (CF8, CF8M), etc.
Design Features
  • The stem nut design allows for the removal of the hand-wheel while keeping the Stem and Gate in a fixed position.
  • Anti-frictional Ball bearings are provided in higher sizes and pressure classes.
  • The strength of Stem to Gate connection is stronger than the strength of the Stem at the root of the operating thread
  • Outside screw and yoke construction
  • All the valves provided with backseat arrangement
  • Bi-directional shut-off
  • The gland is of self aligning two piece type Deep stuffing box
  • Body ports are streamlined, permitting unobstructed flow, reduces turbulence, results in lower pressure drop & lower erosion
  • The Seat-rings are cylindrical bottom seated type having ample cross section for strength are provided with welded in and threaded Seat-rings will be supplied on request. In case of SS valves the Seat-rings are integral to Body
  • Flat Body/ Bonnet joint in ASME 150#, male -female joint in 300# & 600# and ring joint in higher classes
  • Hand Wheel Locking Arrangement
  • Gear, Electrical, Hydraulic or Pneumatic actuator available
  • Optional Stellited Seat & Wedge
  • Optional Butt Weld Ends to ANSI B16.25
  • Optional flanged ends T & G, RTJ.
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  • Valves with specific material of construction
  • Valves with higher pressure rating
  • Solid, flexible, split wedge, double disc and parallel Slide Gate configurations
  • For cryogenic services (cold box / non-cold box) extended bonnet as per BS 6364
  • Higher size / higher Pressure rating valves